This page is a record of Manchester United's Transfers Market Activity from 1990-1999.
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Arrival/Departure Portrait Player Name Nationality Details
Les Sealey England 2nd Spell Transferred from: Luton Town, 06/1990, £
Neil Whitworth England Transferred from: Wigan Athletic, 06/1990, £45,000
Denis Irwin Republic Of Ireland Transferred from: Oldham Athletic 08/06/1990, £250,000
Ryan Giggs Wales Signed trainee: 09/07/1990
Simon Davies Wales Signed trainee: 09/07/1990
Les Sealey England Returned to Luton Town, 1990, End of Loan
William Garton England Retired from game due to injury, 05/1990
Mike Duxbury England Transferred to Blackburn Rovers, 08/1990, £Free
Colin Gibson England Transferred to Leicester City, 12/1990, £100,000
Tony Gill England Retired due to injury 12/1990
Arrival/Departure Portrait Player Name Nationality Details
Andrei Kanchelskis Transferred from:Shakhytor Donetsk, 26/03/1991, £650,000
Keith Gillespie Northern Ireland Signed trainee: 08/07/1991
Ben Thornley England Signed trainee: 08/07/1991
David Beckham England Signed trainee: 08/07/1991
Nicky Butt England Signed trainee: 08/07/1991
Chris Casper England Signed trainee: 08/07/1991
Gary Neville Signed trainee: 08/07/1991
John O'Kane Signed trainee: 08/07/1991
Paul Scholes England Signed trainee: 08/07/1991
Ben Thornley England Signed trainee: 08/07/1991
Peter Schmeichel Denmark Transferred from: Brondby IF, 06/08/1991, £500,000
Paul Parker England Transferred from: Queens Park Rangers, 08/1991, £2m
Viv Anderson England Transferred to Sheffield Wednesday, 01/1991 £Free
Mark Bosnich Australia Returned to Sydney Croatia SFC (Failed to gain a work permit ), 30/06/1991
Ralph Milne Scotland Transferred to Sing Tao (Hong Kong), 06/1991, £
Les Sealey England 2nd Farewell to United: Transferred to Aston Villa,07/1991, £Free
David Wilson England Transferred to Bristol Rovers, 07/1991, £
Deiniol Graham England Transferred to Barnsley, 05/08/1991, £50,000
Arrival/Departure Portrait Player Name Nationality Details
Kevin Pilkington England Signed professional: 01/07/1992
Terry Cooke England Signed trainee: 13/07/1992
Patrick McGibbon Northern Ireland Transferred from: Portadown, 01/08/1992, £
Dion Dublin England Transferred from: Cambridge United, 07/08/1992, £1m
Eric Cantona France Transferred from: Leeds United, 27/11/1992, £1.2m
Jim Leighton Scotland Transferred to Dundee, 02/1992, £200,000
Paul Wratten England Transferred to ?, 30/05/1992, £Free
Mal Donaghy Northern Ireland Transferred to Chelsea, 13/08/1992, £100,000
Mark Robins England Transferred to Norwich City, 14/08/1992, £800,000
Derek Brazil Republic Of Ireland Transferred to Cardiff City, 24/08/1992, £85,000
Neil Webb England Transferred to Nottingham Forest, 20/11/1992, £800,000
Arrival/Departure Portrait Player Name Nationality Details
Les Sealey England Transferred from Aston Villa, 01/1993, £
Roy Keane Republic Of Ireland Transferred from: Nottingham Forest, 19/07/1993, £3.75m
Phil Neville England Signed trainee: 05/07/1993
Michael Clegg England Signed trainee: 05/07/1993
Russell Beardsmore England Transferred to AFC Bournemouth, 30/06/1993, £Free
Ian Wilkinson England Transferred to Stockport County, 06/1993, £
Danny Wallace England Transferred to Birmingham City, 15/10/1993, £400,000
Arrival/Departure Portrait Player Name Nationality Details
David May England Transferred from: Blackburn Rovers, 01/07/1994, £1.4m
Graeme Tomlinson England Transferred from: Bradford City, 06/1994, £100,000
Philip Mulryne Northern Ireland Signed trainee: 11/07/1994
Ronnie Wallwork England Signed trainee: 11/07/1994
Michael Twiss England Signed trainee: 11/07/1994
Lee Martin England Transferred to Glasgow Celtic, 18/01/1994, £350,000
Darren Ferguson Scotland Transferred to Wolverhampton Wanderers, 14/01/1994, £250,000
Bryan Robson England Transferred to Middlesbrough, 30/06/1994, £Free
Giuliano Maiorana England Transferred to ?, 30/06/1994, £Free
Clayton Blackmore Wales Transferred to Middlesbrough, 30/06/1994, £
Mike Phelan England Transferred to West Bromwich Albion, 30/06/1994, £Free
Les Sealey England Transferred to Blackpool, 30/06/1994, £
Neil Whitworth England Transferred to Kilmarnock, 02/09/1994, £
Colin McKee Scotland Transferred to Kilmarnock, 05/09/1994, £ (joint deal)
Dion Dublin England Transferred to Coventry City, 09/09/1994, £1.95m
Arrival/Departure Portrait Player Name Nationality Details
Andy Cole England Transferred from: Newcastle United, 12/01/1995, £6m
John Curtis England Signed trainee: 10/07/1995
Danny Higginbotham England Signed trainee: 10/07/1995
Mark Wilson England Signed trainee: 10/07/1995
Nick Culkin England Transferred from: York City, 25/09/1995, £250,000
Keith Gillespie Northern Ireland Transferred to Newcastle United, 12/01/1995, £1m
Mark Hughes Wales Transferred to Chelsea, 05/07/1995, £1.5m
Paul Ince England Transferred to FC Internazionale Milan, 11/07/1995, £7m
Gary Walsh England Transferred to Middlesbrough, 11/08/1995, £225,000
Andrei Kanchelskis Transferred to Everton, 25/08/1995, £5.8m
Arrival/Departure Portrait Player Name Nationality Details
William Prunier France Loaned from: FC Grondins Bordeaux, 12,1996
Wesley Brown England Signed trainee: 08/07/1996
Raimond van der Gouw Holland Transferred from: Vitesse Arnhem, 01/07/1996, £500,000
Ronny Johnsen Norway Transferred from: Besiktas, 10/07/1996, £1.2m
Ole Gunnar Solskjaer Norway Transferred from: Molde, 29/07/1996, £1.5m
Karel Poborsky Czech Republic Transferred from: Slavia Prague, 07/1996, £3.5m
Jordi Cruyff Holland Transferred from: FC Barcelona, 09/08/1996, £1.5m
David Healy Northern Ireland Signed trainee: 08/07/1996
Richard Wellens England Signed trainee: 08/07/1996
William Prunier France End of Loan from FC Grondins Bordeaux, 1996
Steve Bruce England Transferred to Birmingham City, 06/1996, £Free
Paul Parker England Transferred to Derby County, 30/06/1996, £Free
Lee Sharpe England Transferred to Leeds United, 12/08/1996, £4.5m
Arrival/Departure Portrait Player Name Nationality Details
Michael Stewart Scotland Signed trainee: 30/06/1997
Teddy Sheringham England Transferred from: Tottenham Hotspur 27/06/1997, £3.5m
Luke Chadwick England Signed trainee: 30/06/1997
Lee Roche England Signed trainee: 30/06/1997
Paul Rachubka United States of America Signed trainee: 30/06/1997
Erik Nevland Norway Transferred from: Viking Stavanger, 02/07/1997, £1.5m
Henning Berg Norway Transferred from: Blackburn Rovers, 11/08/1997, £5m
Eric Cantona France Retired from game, 05/1997
Patrick McGibbon Northern Ireland Transferred to Wigan Athletic, 07/1997, £250,000
Michael Appleton England Transferred to Preston North End, 08/08/1997, £
Simon Davies England Transferred to Luton Town, 08/1997, £150,000
Karel Poborksy Czech Republic Transferred to SL Benfica, 30/12/1997, £2m
Arrival/Departure Portrait Player Name Nationality Details
Jonathan Greening England Transferred from: York City, 03/1998, £750,000
Mark Lynch England Signed trainee: 06/07/1998
Danny Webber England Signed trainee: 06/07/1998
Jaap Stam Holland Transferred from:PSV Eindhoven, 11/07/1998, £10.75m
Jesper Blomqvist Sweden Transferred from: A.C. Parma, 21/07/1998, £
John O'Shea Republic Of Ireland Signed professional: 03/08/1998
Dwight Yorke Trinidad & Tobago Transferred from: Aston Villa, 20/08/1998, £12.6m
John O'Kane England Transferred to Everton, 01/1998, £400,000
Brian McClair Scotland Transferred to Motherwell, 30/06/1998, £Free
Kevin Pilkington England Transferred to Port Vale, 06/1998, £Free
Graeme Tomlinson England Transferred to ?, 06/1998, £Free
Gary Pallister England Transferred to Middlesbrough, 07/1998, £2.5m
Ben Thornley England Transferred to Huddersfield Town, 08/1998, £250,000
Chris Casper England Transferred to Reading, 04/11/1998, £300,000
Arrival/Departure Portrait Player Name Nationality Details
Mark Bosnich Australia Transferred from Aston Villa, 02/07/1999, £Free
Daniel Nardiello England Signed Trainee: 05/07/1999
Paul Tierney Republic Of Ireland Signed Trainee: 05/07/1999
Daniel Pugh England Signed trainee: 05/07/1999
Jimmy Davis England Signed Trainee: 06/07/1999
Quentin Fortune South Africa Transferred from: Club Atlético de Madrid, 21/08/1999, £1.5m
Massimo Taibi Italy Transferred from: Venezia, 31/08/1999, £4.9m
Mickael Silvestre France Transferred from: Internazionale Milan F.C.,09/1999, £4.0m
Philip Mulryne Northern Ireland Transferred to Norwich City, 03/1999, £500,000
Terry Cooke England Transferred to Manchester City, 16/04/1999, £
Peter Schmeichel Denmark Transferred to Sporting Lisbon, 06/1999, £Free
Erik Nevland Norway Transferred to Viking Stavanger, 20/12/1999. £250,000
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