Lessons from Manchester United: How the Club's Philosophy can Inform Education Practices

Even when an average person hears about Manchester United, it always goes far beyond the events that take place during the game. It is a way of life for many, a cultural journey, and the important lessons that have been learned through decades. It's sufficient even if we talk about the legendary personality of Sir Alex Ferguson, a true leader and a man who could turn Manchester United into the team we know today. Not many people know that it has taken years, sweat, cooperation, and even tears to get where the team is today. It is the philosophy of the club behind it all that can be used for educational practices elsewhere as it is the same challenge of facing challenges and finding the most efficient solutions that work.

How the Club’s Philosophy can Inform Education Practices

- Discipline.

Nothing would be learned, and no success would be achieved without adherence to strict discipline, the rules of the game, and life beyond it. It is not about punishment and fear but about doing one’s best to follow the rules and help each other. Manchester United is a disciplined team, which shows even through times of defeat or scenarios where emotions are often over the board.

- Control.

The timing is everything for every player as they stay in control and learn to work according to their schedules, be it partying, kicking the ball, talking to journalists, or studying. If you want to learn more about staying in control in education, order essay online and see how to manage your studies, training sessions, and other responsibilities. The trick is avoiding procrastination and controlling what you can or cannot do! When you learn how to manage your resources, it will be much easier to manage available skills and avoid going beyond your limits!

- Teamwork.

It’s all for one and one for all, as we often hear, yet when the players of Manchester United start the game, they know how to lead wisefully because there is no narcissism or the star players. It’s a team where everyone knows how to work in a team! We must learn this important lesson as we face problems because everyone is important. It often disguises other team players as they focus on famous names, yet Manchester United is an integral system where everyone can make a miracle!

- Motivation.

The most important is to keep yourself motivated and always seek success. Alex Ferguson once said that he has never played for a draw in his life, which is an important point to consider. Do not be destined for failure! If you feel stuck, explore websites to write essays, watch motivational videos, and learn how to stay unbiased. Think beyond the box and seek something that inspires you before you start with any task!

- Analysis and Dealing With Failure.

If you talk to an average Manchester United supporter, you will be surprised to learn that there is no badmouthing the team or the players, even during times of defeat. It is not accepting the results, whatever they may be! Quite on the contrary! The philosophy of the club and its supporters is to apply analysis instead and learn how to deal with failure by planning future games and tricks instead. When the same method is used for education practices, spotting mistakes and growing professionally and as a person becomes easier!

A Team Where Every Voice is Heard

As Sir Alex Ferguson would say, there is a solid reason that God has blessed us with two years, two eyes, and one mouth. It's done this way, so everyone can listen and watch twice as much as one talks. It is precisely the philosophy behind the team's success that teaches us an important lesson about listening and learning how to analyse and take notes. It is the reaction to defeat, understanding how to manage success, and being ready to listen to each other. The team is an example of hearing every voice, as these are the youngest players that are always in touch with the current realities and the prospects for tomorrow.


Growing up watching Manchester United play, Diane Sherron is passionate about the club's values and the crucial lessons she has learned. She loves to write and share her experience as an educator and online content analyst. Follow Diane to learn more about Manchester United and the reasons that made the team a legendary unit where everyone matters.

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