As the legendary FC team of Manchester United made a victorious comeback to this week’sUEFA Champions League, the sole unsettling element for the Red team (apart from a promising game) came as abad injury for Paul Pogba. The twenty-four year old footballer from France commenced the season with a great start was compelled to get off the field within the initial 20 minutes owing to a hamstring injury. The game was one of its finest at the Old Trafford with the scoreboard displaying a noteworthy 3-0 victory for the Reds. Paul looks as if he will be missing the forthcoming games which indicate the doors are now open for another potential team member (Nemanja Matic) as a stand-in for Pogba.

Team manager Jose Mourinho, while conversing right after the accomplishment at Basel declared the following: “Squads are for this, squads are for injuries, squads are for suspensions. We don't cry with injuries. So, if no Paul for Sunday, we have Herrera, we have Carrick, we have Fellaini and we have Matic."

The Manchester United Football Club evaluates the potential candidates to fill in for Pogba while he is absent and here are the possible contenders for the outlook according to his teammates:


Michael Carrick, 36, England

The Reds Captain has been rather observant via the sidelines all this while but nevertheless he still waits for the initial emergence of the year 2017-18. Furthermore, his control over his team members throughout the Red team’s incredible start to the crusade cannot be miscalculated. The veteran midfield player delivers a reassuring personality even off the fields – akin to the presentation on the turf – through his aptitude to extract the finest out of his boys.
Paul Pogba gave out a disclosure that the captain is someone he really admires a lot and further explained: “I'm still learning from him. He is an example for me and I always look at him in training. I listen to his advice – every time, before a game, he comes to talk to me and he will ask me things and keep me calm. To be honest, he is a mentor to me.
Mike Carrick also performed in spectacular games along with the Everton team during the past years, inclusive of a 3-0 victory in 2009 at Old Trafford in which the captain made a splendid 2nd shot for his team. He anticipates an eventful and successful series in the coming weeks.

Marouane Fellaini, 29, Belgium
The twenty-nine year old player hailing from the city of waffles Belgium enjoyed a promising commencement this season and displayed his prowess to create a different epoch of the game by bagging the vital initial goals while playing against Football Club Basel and Leicester City.

His remarkable ability against the Switzerland team got him a place on the Man of the Match roster via fan voting, and many followers chanted his name all through the session.
After his laudable feat in a core game, the quick-learner Fellaini might emerge as a worthy contender against his previous Toffee Club in the upcoming matches. Before the hamstring injury, Paul Pogba proclaimed about Marouane Fellaini in a recent media dialogue with the following: “All the players when they train, they play hard as they know they will get a chance to play. It's very professional so we need players like this.

Betting Odds for Manchester

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Ander Herrera, 28, Spain
The Spanish midfielder all of twenty-eight years has waited long enough for his fair share of opportunity. It was in the beginning of some weeks in the season when he kicked-off the UEFA Super Cup rout alongside Stoke City Football Club in the previous week. Herrera is a deft player by taking chances while pertaining to replicate his dexterity when he played the last season and bagged the prestigious Matt Busby Player of the Year award. Portugal’s football manager Mourinho had a special surprise waiting for Ander Herrera for the exceptional performance displayed and for multiplying a positive milieu for his team mates.

Yet another applaud came from the stands for Ander Herrera even as he was an unused stand-in while the reds played against Leicester City. Here again Paul Pogba was impressed by Herrera’s performance and praised him by saying: “Ander didn't start one game in the first month but he was the best player of Manchester United last season. So, obviously, it's hard for a player like him to not play but he is very professional. You can see him in training, working hard and he is a very good example for everyone.

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