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Manchester United is among the top football clubs in the UK. Their nickname, the Red Devils, suits players well due to their aggressive yet strategic play style. Over its long history, spanning over 140 years, the club managed to win a record 20 Premier League titles. With so much heat surrounding the team, it has become the best sponsorship opportunity for brands from various industries. This includes online casinos and sportsbooks, even for those that offer betting on Premier League not on Gamstop. If you’re interested in exploring the most important sponsorship deals that the brand has, you’re in the right place. Let’s answer who sponsors Manchester United!

The Most Famous Manchester United Sponsorship Deals

As a top football team, Manchester has built a huge following. Every game it plays is followed by millions of fans globally. That is why many Man United sponsors enjoy partnering with the team. It gives them huge exposure to a big audience, allowing those brands to grow. Some of the top partnerships that the team has been with brands such as:


Let’s take a look at each of these partnerships in a bit more detail.

Manchester United Sponsorship Deals with Vodafone

Vodafone is one of the telecom giants in the UK, but it is also present in many other online markets. Since Manchester United supporters live in numerous other countries, it was a good way for the brand to advertise to fans in multiple markets. This is why Vodafone was one of the bigger Manchester United sponsors. The brand had a deal with the football club worth 30 million pounds over four years. However, the two brands separated in 2005 when Vodafone started seeking other partnership opportunities

Manchester United Sponsorship Deals with Chevrolet

Among the millions of Manchester United fans, there are plenty of those who’re looking to buy a car. Chevrolet has recognised a great opportunity to expand its influence in the UK and Europe and has partnered for years with Machester United. In fact, it counts as one of the bigger sponsors who were visible on the team’s shirt. This sort of arrangement cost the brand over $550 million over 8 years. Today, the shirt feature goes to the TeamViewer brand, which is one of the bigger tech brands.

Manchester United Sponsorship Deals with Nike

Manchester United had a great run with Nike that lasted for 13 years. During this period, the company sponsored the club's kit. It ensured that players had the best footwear in the industry but also provided insane exposure to the brand. However, after a long collaboration, the partnership fell through as another brand made a better offer to the club.

Manchester United Sponsorship Deals with Adidas

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Adidas keeps steadily growing through various sponsorships. Manchester United sponsorships was one of the bigger wins for the brand. It signed a 10-year deal with the goal of growing sales in among Manchester’s fans in Asia. The partnership’s worth amazing 750 million pounds, making it one of the biggest sponsorship deals. This provides a clearer picture as to why Nike didn’t want to extend their partnership. It is likely that it wouldn’t be able to achieve similar growth as Adidas due to already being the club’s partner for 13 years.

Manchester United Sponsorship Deals with Casino Brands

As football is one of the most bet on sports globally, it’s not a surprise that sports betting platforms are approaching big clubs seeking sponsorships. Here are a couple of companies that have managed to partner with Manchester United over the years.

Manchester United Sponsorship Deal with MoPlay

MoPlay is a sports betting app that launched back in 2018. The company immediately partnered with the team, getting massive exposure to its newly launched app. This was a huge deal for MoPlay, and it helped the company reach millions of sports bettors in Manchester’s global community.

Manchester United Sponsorship Deal with Marathonbet

One of the brands that have successfully partnered with the Red Devils was Marathonbet. It helped the brand get massive exposure both in the UK and globally. The deal included social media exposure and match-day interview exposure. These are the key moment during which millions of eyes are looking. Even though the deal wasn’t extended, Marathonbet managed to get another deal, but with Manchester City.

Manchester United Sponsorship Deal with Bwin

Bwin is one of the more popular brands that partnered with Manchester United back in 2012. It was a big deal at the time, which was originally signed to last for three years. Much like with other sponsors, it brought in millions to the club. In turn, it provided massive exposure to Bwin. Unfortunately, the deal was never extended as Bwin decided to stand behind Bayern Munchen at the time.

Manchester United remains one of the best football teams globally. With its rich history, the club has become an important part of culture globally. Some of the best moments in football came from the team’s matches. That’s why so many brands see it as a perfect partner. Being associated with this club is what all the brands seek. Its legion of devoted fans are all potential customers from a business perspective. So it’s no wonder that the line to become the team’s sponsor is so long.


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